Mobile homes in Spain

Resale mobile homes are seen as the perfect way to move to Spain with low risk and security. All you need is information on how to do it.

Reasons to buy a resale mobile home already in Spain include retiring or owning a holiday home for all the family. Homes can be on a dedicated residential mobile home park, a campsite down by the coast, or owning a home on a dedicated holiday complex.

Your first decision has to be which type of park you would like to live on so that is where we will start.

There are basically only three options in Spain if you like the idea of living in a mobile or park home. The options are numbered one to three to match the number of mobile home parks of that type in Spain. Option one is the type of park with the most parks to choose from in Spain, option two less, and option three the least.

Option one is to live in a park that is also a camping site with tourist camping facilities. The second option is to live on a dedicated residential park with a settled ex-pat community. That means no camping facilities or sub-letting allowed. The third option is to have a holiday home on a dedicated holiday resort.

The park contracts, fees, and plot sizes are very different between option one, two and three. As you can imagine options two and three come with shared facilities.

Dedicated residential

If you are looking for a dedicated residential park in Spain rather than a campsite (option two) then the choice is very limited. This is because most parks in Spain are campsites with mobile home sections.

Our rule of thumb is this, if the word camping is over the entrance to the park then it is a campsite first and foremost. Any “residential” mobile home plots offered within the camping park will come with a campsite contract. A campsite contract will be very different in terms and conditions to a rolling residential contract.

If you want to live near a beach, or on a dedicated holiday park, you must expect to pay more per square metre in fees for the plot. You must also expect sub-letting of homes around you and of course tourists and children. Residential parks have to be away from the coast if they do not want to offer camping facilities.

Inland residential

That is why the Antequera area is so perfect. Less than an hour from the beaches, less than half an hour from the lakes (which are much nicer) and less than an hour from Malaga airport. There are several mobile home parks in the Antequera area. If looking for a residential park then hire a car, book a hotel in Antequera and arrange to visit them all.

Living away from the beach means there will be no camping and no children living in the park. Likewise, you are not paying tourist prices locally. What do you get instead? On a residential park, you have real Spain outside the park with normal prices.

You also get a park community that does not change every two weeks. Exclusive residents-only facilities and 200 square metre plots that are landscaped. On a residential park, you also get a rolling park contract with Spanish residencia.

If you feel like being a tourist for the day you can be on a beach in less than an hour. Try to avoid feeling that way in July and August though. It will be as busy as hell, no parking and hot.