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This mobile home information site is a collaboration between Costa Difference Spain Ltd (based in Yeovil in the UK and Malaga/Cordoba provinces in Spain) and Costa Blanca Trading of Alicante. The purpose of this website is to explain the options in terms of plus’s and minus’s between all three types of parks.

In the camping parks section we mention that there are two UK companies that are representing nearly all of the camping sites in Spain. Neither company has any connection to this website. To find them simply go to GOOGLE and type in “mobile home parks in spain”.

The website costadifference.com is of course only for residential mobile home parks in Spain.

The idea for the site is simple. To let you know all about the different options regarding mobile home parks in Spain. Finding the right type of park is essential because choosing the wrong type of park can prove costly in the long term.

This is not a big site but it does get straight to the point. If over 55 and wanting to live in Spain the homework should be residential first, camping sites second and holiday resort third.

Under 55 and with a family it has to be a camping site. This is assuming work is not going to be an issue.

Only want to use the home for holidays?

Over 55 you should check out all three options because a residential park will still make a good holiday location. You will know all your neighbours.  Under 55 you have camping or a holiday resort to consider.

The world of mobile homes has changed a lot over the years. So has renting apartments. The big difference between renting an apartment and living in a mobile home is this. On a park of any description, you will have a level of support and people around you. In many cases that is worth its weight in gold.

The privacy policy in relation to this website will be with Costa Difference Spain Ltd. This is because the website is provided by The WWW Biz team who provide the company with IT services. This site should also be used with the Find in Spain website which covers a lot of topics.

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