Camping mobile home parks

Camping parks offering plots for mobile homes as well as offering camping facilities are greater in number. They are the parks that will be closest to the beach. The location, however, does come at a cost. Per square metre, the rent will be in line with camping rates. To get around this plot sizes tend to be smaller.

You will find lots of parks in this category, and if looking for a park that is a campsite first and foremost you have lots to choose from. All along the Spanish coast from Malaga to Barcelona are parks offering camping and a few mobile homes.

There are currently two UK companies who represent most of them between them. Choosing which campsite is better than another is impossible. That is because there are far too many factors. Location, how busy it gets in the summer, and of course security. For that reason, there is no particular campsite mentioned.

Camping parks are ideal if you want to wake up every morning feeling as if you are on holiday. They are also ideal if you love meeting people because you will meet lots of different holidaymakers throughout the year. Living on a camping site is absolutely fine as long as you have chosen the lifestyle with eye’s wide open.

Camping parks are not ideal if you want to become a resident in Spain. Unlike a residential park, you do not get your own postbox. You do not get the support in getting registered. You are not offered a rolling 6-month park contract for residential use.

For a holiday mobile home producing an income then holiday parks can be the answer. You are allowed to sublet on a commercial basis on some parks. If you have a young family then camping sites are also ideal. They will get to meet lots of other children.

If the camping site lifestyle is of interest then the next decision is where about in Spain. You will need to choose the area of Spain you want before looking at the mobile home parks themselves. The area is important because the camping site will be a base rather than a community.

To do the job properly pick an area with plenty of parks to visit. Hire a car and book yourself a hotel for a few days. Visit at least three. The quality of the park will be seen straight away and that is important. You do not want to live in a park that feels like a transit camp and some do. You will spot those parks straight away.