Holiday resort mobile homes

Owning a mobile home on a holiday resort is very different from owning one on a park or campsite. Very different. To begin with there are no small holiday resorts. Forget a bar and restaurant, a holiday resort with have lots of them. Every kind of food you can imagine.

The same will go for the facilities. Holiday resorts do not have one pool, they have several including one for children. If you love meeting people of all nationalities and being on holiday 24/7 365 then a holiday park is for you.

The holiday lifestyle park will come at a cost though. You cannot be a resident living in a holiday park. You will be paying the most per square metre that the home is on as well.

One of the biggest in Spain is the Marjal Holiday resort near Alicante. The video below leaves you in no doubt what the park is like. You will be living inside a holiday resort full of families enjoying themselves. You will also be paying tourist prices for everything. If all them sounds great then a visit to Marjal Holiday Resort is a must.

Costa Blanca Trading are the agents for Marjal Holiday Resort and they can be contacted via their Alicante mobile homes website. They can also be contacted by telephone in Spain on 0034 657 63 17 45

Unlike residential mobile home parks, however, holiday parks are able to offer a try before you buy package. This is because they have wooden chalets on the complex that can be rented by the week.

Residential parks do not allow subletting of any kind which is why you cannot stay on the park unless you are an owner. Costa Blanca Trading do offer try before you buy deals on Marjal. That means you can be 100% sure a holiday resort is perfect for you before you buy.

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