Mobile home park lifestyle

There is one thing that all three types of the park have in common. If living in a mobile home on any type off park you will not be on your own. That is why mobile homes in a park are so popular. Buying or renting an apartment surrounded by Spanish is wonderful if you speak the language but very lonely if you do not.

The lifestyle, however, is VERY different on each type of park. So back to basics. Do you want to live in Spain or have a holiday in Spain? Very important question. If you want to own a holiday home in Spain then campsites and holiday resorts are the way to go. If you want to live in Spain it depends on the next set of factors.

Are you retired or retiring in a few years? Then you should be looking at residential parks with good camping sites as a backup. We say back up because if you want to be close to the coast that will be your only option. Do you want to live in Spain with your family? If so it has to be a camping site near a town as you will need things like schools.

Residential lifestyle:

Ideal for retirement and lots of people take early retirement these days. On a quality residential park, you should find some quality mobile homes. Small statics are not allowed on a genuine residential park. The min size should be 37 x 12 or 36 x 14 in the case of a small park home.

The support the park offers will be dedicated to you the resident. The facilities will be exclusive to you as well. What makes a good residential park special, however, is the community. Community support is what makes all the difference. You are buying into social life, new friends and a lot of support.

The park itself will be very similar to quality residential parks in the UK. The park contract will be a rolling contract and prices within the park and in the surrounding villages will be normal prices and not tourist prices.

Camping parks:

Most of the camping parks in Spain will be linked to a holiday resort or on the coast road. The primary business will be camping and the office there for booking in campers staying a short while. The plots on camping sites tend to be smaller. Plots can sometimes be as small as 110 square metres.

You will be issued a camping contract in most cases which is for a month. More established parks will offer longer ones but technically they are supposed to offer camping contracts on a short stay basis. If you enjoy busy surroundings you are going to be very pleased. Camping sites get very busy in the summer and manic over Easter.

Unlike the residential parks which have only British residents, by living in a camping park you will hear every language in Europe at one time or another. Wonderful if you can speak more than one language. If using a camping site as a residential home you will need help doing all the paperwork.

Holiday resorts:

If you think campsites get busy think again. Holiday resorts never get quiet. Like a camping site, you will be given a holiday stay contract. The park office will be able to help with most things but you will need to employ someone to do all the documents if you do not speak Spanish. Only residential parks take care of all the paperwork.

The other difference is that unlike residential or camping parks, not all the facilities are included. You will be expected to pay extra to use certain facilities other than the swimming pool. Living on a holiday resort comes at a cost. It is the more expensive out of the three options with regards to the cost of living.

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