Residential mobile home parks

The word residential pops up with lots of parks. The reason for this is that they have areas within the campsite for mobile homes and so class that as residential. The residential parks we refer to are genuine residential only offering at least 200 square metre plots.

So what to expect with a residential mobile home park. We think it is better to start with what not to expect. You will not find a residential park close to the beach. Only campsites are allowed to open near beaches, and they are restricted under their licence as to how many pitches can have mobile homes.

The best residential parks can be found less than one hour away from the beach which is far enough away to get around the camping rules. Parks inland is not seen as offering tourist facilities. Instead, they are seen as bringing to the area some new residents.

Now to what sets residential mobile home parks as a firm favourite for retirement. Successful residential mobile home parks will have a settled community living within the park. That is essential if moving to Spain for retirement. You get support from the park and residents.

There are around 5 parks in Spain that can call themselves residential. Each park is different in terms of quality and management style. All parks offer a swimming pool, reception, security and a park contract. Two parks, however, stand out from the rest. On the Costa del Sol it is Park La Posada and on the Costa Blanca, it is Paradise Park.

First Park La Posada:

Situated in the village of Alameda it is less than an hour from Malaga. The park is the Jewell in the Spanish crown. It is, without a doubt, the best residential retirement park in Spain. La Posada Park is very well managed with first-class facilities. The park is also the only park in Spain to offer a FREE standard residencia package. The park deals with all the paperwork involved.

Costa Difference Spain Ltd are the agents for Park La Posada and they can arrange visits to the park. You can contact them via their mobile home in Spain website or call them free on 0800 772 3980 if in the UK. The website for the park is

Next Paradise Park

Situated in the village of Albatera it is less than one hour from Alicante. Paradise Park is very different from Park La Posada. The quality of the park is seen as soon as you arrive, but it does not offer the same level of facilities.

This is because the owners want it to be a very exclusive residential mobile home park. It has a reception and a good-sized swimming pool but does not have a bar and restaurant. The video will show you just how different it is.

Costa Blanca Trading are the agents for Paradise Park and they can be contacted via their Alicante mobile homes website. They can also be contacted by telephone in Spain on 0034 657 63 17 45